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Anti-Vibration Rubber Parts For Piping

Anti Vibration Rubber Pad
right It can be used for any type of Air Condition units, Mechanical /Electrical machines, Generators etc…
right Hard rubber in black colour with wide deep groove on both sides to be used as anti vibration mounting pad sheets
right Pressure holding capacity : 2500 PSI
right Heat resistance up to 20oC to 100oC
right Density : 1180Kg/M2
right Hardness:70 IRHD(International Rubber Hardness Degree)
right Eco Friendly
right Ranges :18”X18”X3/4”,Weight: 8.6 Pounds (3.900 Kg.)
18”X18”X3/8”, Weight: 4.2 Pounds (1.900 Kg.)
Rubber Pipe Support
right Manufactured in natural rubber to support insulated A.C. pipe lines without crushing the insulation
right Minimize transmission of noise and vibration from pipe to building structure
right Prevent condensation on hangers and supports
right Dimensionally accurate –Machine Molded with tongue and groove joints
right Pressure Holding Capacity : 1500 PSI
right Density :1150Kg/M2
right Hardness:75 IRHD(International Rubber Hardness Degree)
right Operating Temperature -20oC to 110oC
right Eco Friendly
right Ranges :3/4 to 12” BS standered  M.S Pipe
(other sizes available on request)