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Anticorrosive Coil Coating(CORRO COAT)

Corro Coat is a special combination of chemicals with hardener used for metal surface coating applications. It is highly recommended to use against oxidation, corrosion and moisture problems in heat exchangers, condenser/cooling coils, air conditioner terminals located in polluted area, seashore and off shore. Its specifications are listed below.

Service Temperature
Minimum : 20oF
Maximum : 270oF
Physical Content
Colour : Metallic Blue
Finish : Semi Gloss
Volume of Solids : 38%
Specific Gravity : 0.85kg/L.

Method of Application

Air Less Spray
Spray Pressure: 4/6 bar
Cure Time: Dust Free-35 Minutes, to handle 4-5 hours
Cure Temperature : Through dry at 20oC – 20 Hours at 60oC – 2 hours
Total Dry Film Thickness : 3 to 4 mils
Over Coat/ Recoat : 8 Hours


Primary Coat: De-Moistration Solvent
Secondary: Corro Coat